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Get These Five Documents Before Proceeding with Lease Negotiations

There are several documents relating to office building CAM costs and other operating expenses that can show you whether additional rent will end up wreaking havoc on your cash flow [...]

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Five Ways to Limit Your Liability for Operating Expenses

Most commercial leases that require payment by the tenant of its share of the building’s operating expenses include a lengthy definition of the term “operating expenses.” The [...]

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10 Golden Rules for Office Tenants in a Renewal Negotiation

10 Golden Rules for Office Tenants in a Renewal Negotiation Office tenants face an inherent disadvantage in the renewal negotiation, and they usually lose money when renewing their [...]

Avoid Overpayments with Audit Right

"A typical landlord won’t object if you ask for an audit right in your lease to avoid overpaying. After all, there is no justification for pushback other than wanting [...]

8 Things you need to know about the new lease accounting rules

"You don’t need us to tell you that big changes in lease accounting rules are afoot. And if you’re looking for technical analysis of the new rules, [...]

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