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Jeff Tabor formed Corporate Realty Advisors in 1993 because he saw the real need to not only have a true specialist on the tenants’ side of the negotiating table, but one who could offer vastly more services to the tenant than could the large transaction-only focused brokerage firms. The large and growing client base at Corporate Realty Advisors speaks volumes as to merits of this company’s formation!

Time is our most precious commodity.  At the large commercial real estate firms each salesperson may be friendly with one another…but they are not friends.  Each single one is calling on the same prospects for business…in all the same territory.  What does that mean to you if you select this model?  Simple: You will be represented by a salesperson (and often by their company that also represents landlords!) who has to get your deal done very quickly (think rental rate and tenant improvement negotiation) and then get back to managing his data base quickly, as he has to protect it from all the sales people in the office calling on it!  And then to add insult to injury to you, the tenant, he has to split his quickly earned commission, 50/50, with his firm!  Therefore, he has to work on twice as many accounts as I do, as I am the house! You are twice as important to me!

How can I say this?  Simple.  If you ask any company if they used a salesperson on their lease negotiation they will answer “yes”. If you ask if they remember who it was, 95% cannot!  In fact, taking it one step further, they will also freely admit they only hear from that salesperson when they have a year or so remaining on their lease…calling to do a deal again!   Is that what you want for the large four percent sales commission they will be paid? I do not believe so.

If you have a moment, learn more about Jeff Tabor…and more about what Corporate Realty Advisors does just to justify the four percent fee that we are paid by landlords to represent tenants…and tenants only.  And learn more about just why Jeff Tabor and Corporate Realty Advisors has the greatest percentage of repeat clients than does any single commercial real estate business in Southern California…bar none!

The Top Gun of Tenant Representation | President & CEO at Corporate Realty Advisors

Acr2952021376000-1082678Forming Corporate Realty Advisors after leaving his position as the top broker in Southern California for the Grubb & Ellis Company and, prior to that, as the Director of Leasing for the 2.5 million square foot Greater Los Angeles World Trade Center, Mr. Tabor exclusively devotes his time to representing tenants during either their lease renegotiations or for their search and negotiations for alternative site locations. Additionally, his firm represents tenants with respect to the review/analysis and audit of their building operating expense pass throughs. Mr. Tabor’s experience managing and leasing large commercial high-rises for developers and landlords is now available to better assist tenants. It is this very insight and experience that Mr. Tabor, along with his team, can offer CRA’s clients which will create added leverage and strength in their negotiating position. You will not discover another real estate specialist anywhere in Southern California who has taken his vast knowledge of the landlords’ “tricks of the trade” and flipped them over to the benefit and side of the tenant…not one!

Mr. Tabor represents such clients as Wells Fargo Bank, Nations Direct Mortgage, Allstate Insurance, Pepperdine University, Farmers Insurance and ADT Security Systems, to name a few. Representing many of the law firms in Southern California, he has also represented such major corporations as Motorola, Nissan Motors, Cigna Corporation, Ernst & Young, and Peat Marwick & Main. Mr. Tabor was most recently responsible for consummating one of Southern California largest lease transactions, consisting of approximately 56,000 square feet.

Mr. Tabor graduated from the University of California, Berkeley School of Business Administration. In addition to heading a very successful private company, Mr. Tabor also competes nationally and internationally in triathlons, and has completed 12 Ironmans to date.


“On behalf of the Law Offices of Latham & Watkins, I wish to personally thank you for your very thorough analysis of our proposed 30,000 square foot ofice lease in Ralston, Virgina. Your work was very thorough, concise and timely and certainly indicative of a solid understanding of lease agreements and the changes which ought to be made to protect tenants in today’s marketplace. Furthermore, your firm’s efforts certainly evidenced that Corporate Realty Advisors is a most forceful advocate on behalf of tenants in their lease negotiations with the building landlords.”
Robert Spraker • Manager Operations


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